Frequently Asked Questions

You've worked for *a lot* of companies! Do you have problems staying at a job long?

No! I love working for startups and have had the good fortune to work for several and even founded a few. Some of those have been acquired. Some went out of business. Unfortunately, that's the downside of working for startups -- they often go away (for good or bad).

You have a lot of tech skills on your resume. Are you a coder?

No. I'm an enthusiastic amateur as far as coding is concerned. I know a few languages and how the magic happens; and I've even coded a few things. That's because I like to be informed about how things work so I can effectively manage apps and websites getting built. But I wouldn't pay me to code -- there are better people for that.

Have you managed people before?

Yes. I have managed as many as 50 people. I've managed both in-house and external teams (and combinations). And I've managed everyone from coders to product people to designers and analysts.

What excites you when working at a new company or on a new project?

Lots of things. I love to learn about a new industry or product. So working in new verticals or with new tech is exciting. I love figuring out how to solve problems with limited resources. I love to figure out how to improve process -- whether that's instituting some where none exists or making existing systems better.

What's your greatest accomplishment?

Excusing the obvious answer (the birth of my children), I'd say it's a tie. I stepped in as CEO at Acquisition Labs with some core tech, an unmonetized website, and enough cash in the bank for four months. I monetized the website, pivoted, raised more cash, and was able to operate for a year while validating a new business model.

At Acclaim Games (which became Playdom, which became part of Disney), I discovered just after the Playdom acquisition that we had a demo, some assets, and a set of WYSIWG tools for a new game. I was given four months to turn that into a shippable product. It took six months, but we put out a full MMORPG with 40+ hours of content. And it was a really cool game.

I've got a startup; or I'm just starting out; or money's tight -- can you help me anyway?

Get in touch, I'll see what I can do.

What's your favorite board game

Settlers of Cataan.